Monday, May 20th, 2019

Updated: Wiesmueller is the kind of lawyer that makes the word a pejorative


My friend the late Kelin Olson told me that 99% of the lawyers give the other 1% a bad name. Chris Wiesmueller, in his candidacy for city attorney, is doing his best to embody our worst impressions of the legal profession. Wiesmueller accused his opponent Brian Running of lying about his legal experience. Except it’s Wiemueller that’s lying.

In a campaign mailer sent just before the final weekend before the primary, Wiesmueller accused Running of only having experience in two jury trials. On the flip side of the card, he accused Running of “falsely and unethically claiming he has ‘extensive trial experience.'”

However, even a cursory look at Running’s career, just on CCAP, shows a lot more than two jury trials, and a lot more trial experience in general. I challenge the doubters to check for themselves.

It took me less than ten minutes to see that Wiesmueller is lying. I stopped counting before I finished looking at the cases from 2000. There are still plenty of cases from 2001-2014 if anyone wants to continue looking.

When questioned by the Waukesha Freeman, Wiemueller attempted to defend his numbers saying he got them from CCAP. But as I explained, it’s just too easy to see that Wiesmueller could not have looked at CCAP and only found two cases.

Wiesmueller then conceded to the Freeman he might have gotten his information wrong, but then added, “It was only 750 pieces, so he should get over it. If he wanted to campaign, he should’ve sent out his own piece.”

Really. Just “get over it?” Wiesmueller lied about Running’s professional reputation, and Running should just “get over it.”

Despite being called out on the lie, Wiesmueller is still using it on the campaign stump.

There is something fundamentally dishonest and sleazy about Wiesmueller. This is the same attorney who recently received a public reprimand from the Office of Lawyer Regulation for destroying evidence.

I’ve already explained why conservatives should not back Wiesmueller. This latest unethical behavior only confirms my opinion.

Wiesmueller is not fit to be an attorney. He’s not even fit to be a used car salesman. He is certainly unfit to hold public office.

California recently refused to grant a license to practice law in that state to Stephen Glass because they felt he had a reputation for dishonesty. Imagine what they would think of Wiesmueller.

Update! 2/17/14 I’ve been contacted by both Wiesmueller and his wife who swear up and down they’re not lying. They claim there are only two cases on CCAP where Brian Running tried a case before a jury. Here are five:

Waukesha County Case Number 1997CV000421

Waukesha County Case Number 1997CV000813

Waukesha County Case Number 2000CV001346

Milwaukee County Case Number 2000CV008610

Jefferson County Case Number 2001CV000294

In addition, let me just quote Corrine Wiesmueller, “The only issue is that the overall accuracy of CCAP itself begins fading in the early-mid 90’s.”

And from the Freeman, Chris Wiesmueller also conceded the mailer could have been wrong:
“Wiesmueller conceded that the number of Running’s jury trials on the mailer could have been wrong, but reiterated that he got the information from CCAP.”

Which begs the question, if they knew the information in CCAP was likely to be inaccurate, why would they do something so unethical as to send that mailer?

Aside from that question, the case is closed.

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