Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Wigderson and his critics


It’s the Town of Waukesha edition. A Hamm/Van Scyoc twitter account sent three tweets in my direction, all saying the same thing:

town of waukesha

Then they blocked me so I couldn’t respond.


Damn. If there was only some way, some means of responding to them.

The tantrum was in response to a blog post about a party at the home of Wayne Krzyzanowski. Krzyzanowski is running against Town Chairman John Marek. His wife is also running for the town board. As I wrote in the blog post, stood up at a town board meeting and told everyone how city folks “took sexual pleasures” in his home at the party and clogged his septic system with used condoms.

In addition, Angie Van Scyoc posted a similar complaint over at Takin It to the Streets:

I am glad James Wigderson came our publicly to support John, Brian and Ryan. Not like he is loved or respected by the majority of Freeman readers.

Seems AGAIN he doesn’t know anything except what his buddies have told him, they all seem to swim in the same mud puddle.

He is very consistent – no facts but plenty of salacious drivel.

Birds of a feather….

I’m assuming those comments were in response to my Waukesha Freeman column.

A few points:

1. If the story in the Twitter posts is true, that doesn’t make the condom story better. It only makes the story worse. Who were the wedding guests? Sonny Corleone and Lucy Mancini? And to whom did Krzyzanowski announce the proper method for disposing of condoms? Was it an ongoing concern that he needed to make such an announcement?

2. I’m not opposed to freedom of speech. I am completely supportive of candidates for public office making public statements that they’ll regret later.

3. Everything I wrote in my column about Kathy Nickolaus and the Town of Waukesha is documented in emails, documented online in video, or in statements by parties involved. Since Van Scyoc cannot dispute anything that I wrote, she’s resorted to empty personal attacks. Again.

4. “Not like he is loved or respected by the majority of Freeman readers.” Since the circulation manager gives me a big smile and a wave every time he sees me, I think they like me just fine. And I like my readers, too.  So if you see me out and about, make sure to say hello.

5. That said, given the last couple of elections for Van Scyoc and her allies in the town, I bet I’m more popular than her.

6. As for the remarks about swimming in the mud or mud puddle, let’s be clear about something. If a candidate for office in a public forum talks about a bacchanalia in his home causing a septic back up, it’s news. Some news outlets may decide to pass because of the touchy subject matter but the story indicates the crazy nature of town politics and it raises serious questions about Krzyzanowski’s judgment.

All that said, I find it ironic that Van Scyoc is accusing anyone of wallowing in the mud after the disgraceful way she and Hamm are distorting the truth about the dispute between Town Clerk Kathy Nickolaus and County Clerk Kathleen Novack. I find it even more disgraceful considering that Van Scyoc was a big supporter of the town hiring Nickolaus in the first place. I’d accuse her of hypocrisy, but that would assume sincere acknowledgment on her part that the type of behavior in which she’s engaged, smearing an innocent person, is morally wrong.

Update! 6:04 PM Too funny. They went back and deleted the Twitter posts.

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