Monday, November 20th, 2017

Wigderson and his critics


From the Sound Off in the Waukesha Freeman:

Wigderson column

Our previous mayor ruffled no feathers so all was calm at City Hall. The citizens of Waukesha needed diversity by electing Mayor Scrima. How the feathers sure are flying. But that also brought out deep hatred and anger in James Wigderson. His emphatic column on the mayor calls for his resignation. How sad to think that feelings like this consume his life.

– Unsigned 5/26/11

Mayor Scrima   

I am calling about the continuous negative articles your paper runs about Mayor Scrima and you continuously find ways to ridicule him. Ms. Luther just had a pay raise and a lot of us have not gotten pay raises and she for some reason is just not happy with her position.

   – Jon Kraatz 5/27/11

Wigderson column

James Wigderson’s thought process: 1) Take an issue. 2) Find out what side of the issue Mayor Scrima is on. 3) Take opposite side. 4) Write article bashing mayor and call for him to resign. 5) Repeat.

– Unsigned 5/27/11

The last Sound Off may be on to something. If I follow their offered advice I may never be short of topics again. I could almost write my column in a Mad Libs format.

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