Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Wigderson and his critics


It’s probably been too long since a “Wigderson and his critics” blog post. This is hardly a complete collection of recent comments about moi, but if some bloggers are going to obsess over me, who am I to deny them their due?

Over at Blogging Blue they continue to be more obsessed with me than, well, me. It’s amusing, really, especially when they referred to my blogposts as “rate wing paid hate blogs” {sic}.

“Rate wing?” Can I get a hyphen and ask for a raise?

Maybe they got the idea from the unhinged Chris Liebenthal. In addition to the usual “vitriol, irresponsibility, racism and inaccuracies” charge, Liebenthal accuses me of being, “a Koch Brothers’ employee and close associate of Mark Block.” I don’t know about being a “close associate of Mark Block,” as the last time I ran into Block socially was in 1994 (I think?). Heck, I’m lucky if Block drops me a postcard.

But damn it, apparently the Koch Brothers owe me some serious back pay.

Liebenthal also accused me of being a stalker because *gasp* I quoted a Twitter post about me in one of my columns. According to Liebenthal, I should get a restraining order on the boys at Blogging Blue.

Meanwhile, Cindy Kilkenny’s nose is out of joint since I pointed out she’s just a reprehensible reptile.

Now with that declaration I will go on to explain how much fun it is to be me. I mean it. Who else is so wacky as to thoroughly disappoint a progressive that she puts me in the same category as Fred Dooley! (Hugs to Fred. I’ve actually decided I rather like him.) In contrast, it wasn’t but a few days ago that Jim Wigderson declared his contempt. (Praise be to the heavens that clever girl didn’t say I was like Wigderson instead.)

Poor Fred. Will Kilkenny spill her heart’s secrets to him like she once did to former Congressman Mark Neumann?

Mr. Neumann seemed comfortable enough. I told him up front some things would be on the record and some off, but that I expected the same in return. I have no desire to find out I was quoted a couple of weeks from now. I’m pretty sure my secrets are safe.

Hilariously, you could have read the part of Kilkenny’s blog post about me over at Blogging Blue, but she threatened to sue them.

Poor Cindy. Her feelings got hurt by my mean old post. I used too much of her copyrighted chum and her fee-fees got hurted. So to help assuage her feelings of inferiority and put-upon-edness which is so common among so many conservatives these days, I have reduced the quotes used to what I hope her imaginary friends, er, I mean her “attorneys” (wink, wink!) will regard as acceptable use.

If Kilkenny sued the boys at Blogging Blue, I would win either way. Unless it becomes a custody battle over who gets to obsess over me more.

(Suggested sub-headline: Ohmigawd! Blogging Blue Kilkenny!)

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