Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Wigderson and his critics


From the Sound Off in this morning’s Waukesha Freeman:

Wigderson column

When I see James Wigderson’s column in the Thursday Freeman, I give it a quick glance and quickly move on to something more interesting, (for) example, the comics. Oddly enough, I was pulled in as I read the first paragraph about his family vacation June 14. I found it to be witty and fun. Attaboy! Well, most of it. Jim, you should’ve deleted the next three paragraphs. As usual, you have to throw in a pointed barb at our mayor and spoil the fun. “But I’m not going to let Scrima ruin the family vacation.” Wow. Talk about obsessive behavior. …

The paragraphs in question:

As I write this, the Wigderson family is on vacation in Chicago, Illinois. I’m looking for a sign in my hotel that says, “Wisconsin State Senator Mark Miller slept here under an assumed name while running from the State Patrol in 2011.” No luck yet.

We’re using the Wigderson conference and training budget for our vacation, but unlike for Mayor Jeff Scrima there is no tax money involved.

Who among his team of smart people thought Scrima’s résumé building at the Harvard Business School was an appropriate use of city funds? Just think if Scrima had gotten the garbage fee passed last year. The city could have paid for an entire MBA program for him.

But I’m not going to let Scrima ruin the family vacation. Our vacations are planned much too meticulously to allow that to happen.

And my question goes unanswered. However, the point remains that Scrima’s use of that money for his own personal enrichment was completely inappropriate. This has nothing to do with “obsession” as much as it has to do with the mayor’s abuse of the public trust.

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