Friday, November 24th, 2017

Wigderson and his critics


From today’s Sound Off in the Waukesha Freeman:


It’s really sad to know that we live in James Wigderson’s Waukesha. That’s right, James Wigderson’s Waukesha, where people are not allowed to present ideas. Not debate ideas or vote on ideas, even present them, because James Wigderson apparently runs Waukesha. Dan Vrakas and his staff obviously cower in fear of the great James Wigderson. So, there you go, we have it: Waukesha will sit in our nice little chairs and our nice little homes and wait for James Wigderson to bestow upon us his wisdom and allow us to do whatever he says. I wonder what orders he has for us next. Maybe we’ll start throwing trash in the street.

God save our King,
Long live our noble King,
God Save the King!

Send him victorious,
Happy and glorius,
Long to reign over us,
God Save the King.

O Lord, our God, arise,
Scatter his enemies,
And make them fall,
Confound their politics,
Frustrate their knavish tricks!
On him our hearts are fix’t,
O save us all.

O grant him long to see
Friendship and unity,
Always increase:
May he his septre sway,
All loyal souls obey,
Join heart and voice, huzzah!
God save the King!

“I can think of worse people to run the city..wait a minute..they are already running the city!!”

Vicky Hekkers

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