Monday, November 20th, 2017

Wiggy Overdrive


Quite often as you scroll through the blogs you’ll see some blogger who didn’t update the day before apologize for not blogging. I’ve never seen the point of that unless it was for something really interesting.

However, I was away from the blog yesterday, absent without leave just like a Democratic state senator, and I thought I would give you a little insight into my day yesterday so you understand why.

6:30 AM Left for day job. 25 minute commute took an hour because Democrats hate cars and think the Zoo Interchange is listed as a historical landmark, unlike what they think of the state capitol.

4:30 PM Headed home from day job. Now here is where my day got interesting. Because of the repaving of I-94 (instead of the necessary reconstruction and widening of I-94), I like to dash south to Canal Street at 25th street. Unfortunately, some of you have figured this out as well. Unfortunately you have not figured out the roundabout. Coincidentally, it does look like a live re-enactment of one of the circles from Dante’s Inferno.

4:40 PM Directed at the car in front of me, “Go ahead. The other car has his right turn signal on.”

4:41 PM My bad.

4:50 PM South again on Miller Park way to Greenfield Ave, to Beloit Road, to Cleveland Avenue, west through New Berlin. Meanwhile, my iPod is playing random speeches by political figures.

5:02 PM Shh, Elaine, it’s Herman Cain.

5:15 PM A couple of side streets later I am at my children’s school. After signing them out, asking my kids if they have their lunch boxes and any homework, getting them ready, and getting them out to the car, we headed to the gas station to refuel.

5:30 PM Halfway to the gas station one of my children announced they left their lunch box at school.

5:40 PM Returned to the school to find that the rest of the parents had picked up their children and the after-school program is now closed.

5:50 PM Coasted into the gas station. (Children are not good at pushing the car.)

Arrived home. It is now 6:00 PM and I have to figure out what we’re having for dinner. After some consultation, we decided on spaghetti. My daughter wants to learn how to cook so she put the olive oil in the pan with the water. Turned on the stove and waited for the water to boil.

6:15 PM I decided to check my e-mail and put on the Ricochet podcast. While my back was turned the children each grabbed a snack.

By 6:35 PM Dinner was ready.

6:40 PM My son discovered he didn’t like the sauce that he’s eaten many times before.

6:50 PM I gave my son a bowl of cereal.

7:15 PM Brett Healy from the MacIver Institute called. He’s just naturally gabby and very animated on the phone, completely unlike his public persona. Hard to believe Brian Fraley is the calm one in that office.

7:20 PM I announced a nap. Children played video games.

7:30 PM Nap? I have children.

7:45 PM Senator Jon Erpenbach called. He was looking for directions to the Holiday Inn in Rockford from Kenosha. I put him on the road north.

8:15 PM Who is the Dennis Rodman of Mario Bros. basketball? That’s right, you’re looking at him.

8:30 PM Put the children to bed.

8:35 PM My wife returned home. Game of getting children back to bed began.

9:00 PM Children in bed again, my wife chatted online with Jessica McBride. Fast typing back and forth as they debated what director John Ford would have done with The Sopranos. Both agree “Pine Barrens” episode would have been fantastic. I watched the end of Up in the Air again.

9:45 PM Did my six-minute daily preparation for Lent.

10:00 PM The Color of Money is on. I missed the part where Xenu taught Tom Cruise how to shoot pool. I decided to watch the movie anyway.

11:30 PM Re-read Prufrock before bed. Finally made this connection.

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