Friday, November 24th, 2017

Wiggy’s presidential preference poll


On the right hand side of the page is a Presidential Preference Poll (unscientific, of course). As the presidential candidates jump in and out of the race interest will certainly pick up. The Lovely Doreen and I have not endorsed a candidate (I don’t believe in endorsements) but I am curious which way my conservative readers are leaning.

I suspect that as we get closer to the Iowa Caucus debates are going to get more heated between the partisans for each candidate. I just ask that everyone obey the comment rules around here and respect the opinions of others.

I also add the caution that if I highlight something positive or negative about a candidate, it does not mean I’m offering an endorsement. I’m sure every candidate will be receive praise and criticism in their turn.

If you want to offer more than just a vote in the poll, leave a comment saying why you’re supporting or opposing a particular candidate. I’ll leave the poll up for a while until I have a good snap shot.

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