Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Will Erick Erickson admit his role in helping Tommy win the nomination?


Erick Erickson of is complaining about “the establishment Republicans” again. This time it’s about the Republicans running for Senate.

This year, the NRSC will have only itself to blame again, but this time really without any conservatives to pin the blame on. Tommy Thompson is flailing about in Wisconsin as the senile old grandfather with his various assorted women issues. The Florida nomination pick was pitiful. George Allen is performing as everyone outside the establishment expected he would in Virginia. Then there is Todd Akin in Missouri.

The contrast is staggering. Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin is getting NRSC dollars after campaigning to end the filibuster and Todd Akin? Nothing.

Of course, Erickson and other national conservatives helped divide Wisconsin’s conservatives with their stupid (yes, I said stupid) backing of former Congressman Mark Neumann in the senate primary. They effectively divided conservatives who could have united behind Eric Hovde, a conservative candidate that would have been self-funding his campaign the entire way instead of begging for handouts when he lost because he alienated much of the Republican base in 2010. But Erickson and the national Club for Growth were successful in draining former Governor Tommy Thompson’s entire campaign fund by backing Neumann. How is that working out?

I realize self-awareness is not Erickson’s strongest suit, but he’s wrong when he says there are no conservatives on whom we can pin the blame if Thompson loses.

But that Akin guy that Erickson is backing is a real winner, eh?

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