Friday, July 19th, 2019

Will the Democrats apologize


Wisconsin Democratic party spokesman Graeme Zielinski accused Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus of “sitting on votes” even before Milwaukee County finished reporting results. “We believe there’s dirty tricks afoot,” he said.

Zielinski had no evidence of any vote tampering when he slandered Nickolaus.

I’ve been a critic of Nickolaus in the past, but Zielinski’s statement was a sick and cynical attempt to undermine the legitimacy of an election.

Zielinski, a former writer for the Onion, is completely lacking in class and is an embarrassment to his party. This arrested adolescent should be made to apologize.

It won’t happen. State Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate, the other arrested adolescent, excused Zielinski’s attack on Nickolaus  as, “heat-of-the-moment statements.”

Of course, Tate made his own outrageous comments in an interview with Channel 12, again without any evidence to back up his remarks.

It would be nice if Jeff Christensen, the Fifth Congressional District Democratic Chairman, or Victor Weers, the chairman of Waukesha’s Democratic Party, took a moment to apologize on behalf of their party to Nickolaus for Zielinski’s statement. If nothing else, a spirit of bipartisanship should compel them to speak out.

Otherwise, they can own Zielinski, Tate, their tactics and their behavior, and any statements Christensen and Weers make going forward should be seen in that light. By the way, Christensen supported Tate for state party chairman.

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