Woodman’s reviewed and there’s that pizza place

by James Wigderson | June 20, 2013 9:08 pm

Sometimes I forget how small Waukesha really is. Ooh, look, a new grocery store! Anyway, Darryl Enriquez visited the new Woodman’s yesterday in his column and declared it one of the seven wonders of Waukesha, “along with the Riverwalk, the Welcome to Waukesha sign on Highway F, the water tower made into a home, the yellow Ogden condos on St. Paul Avenue, the Golden Guernsey cow and the maze of railroad tracks with few bridges over or under them.”

Darryl says Woodman’s is huge and guesses, “Three Clarke Hotels could probably fit inside it or a half-dozen football fields, or all of the occupied buildings in downtown Waukesha.” He and his wife Ellen walked the interior perimeter before blowing the travel budget. The Heart of Groceries will have to wait another day.

(By the way Darryl, that’s where groceries stores want you to shop.)

We don’t yet how much Darryl is blowing on charcoal for his grill, but there is pizza. “Joe Scrima (the mayor’s papa) was handing out sample slices of his pizza. He has a kitchen and counter in the store, which is quite a coup. I wonder if he’ll open pizza outlets in other stores.”

I wonder if Woodman’s will consider opening pizza outlets in their other stores, since the mayor’s father has the only one in any Woodman’s anywhere. I know, it’s amazing. Mayor Jeff Scrima’s dad has the only pizza store in any Woodman’s, and it happens to be in a new Woodman’s location that required TIF financing from the city. Amazing. The coincidence could be on Darryl’s next list of wonders.

I’m not saying anything untoward happened, and Joe Scrima told an interesting story to the Waukesha Freeman about taking pizza samples to Woodman’s headquarters. But the deal looks really bad.

I’ll assume that the mayor recused himself from any discussions with Woodman’s or about Woodman’s or any city business concerning Woodman’s the moment his dad began negotiating with Woodman’s. And I’m sure City Attorney Curt Meitz reviewed everything to make sure there was no conflict.

I’m also told it’s really good pizza.

I haven’t made the trip over to Woodman’s yet. Perhaps this weekend.Maybe I can hire Darryl to be my guide for the expedition.

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