Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Worst holidays


Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post gives us his list of the three worst holidays:

1. New Years

2. St. Paddy’s day (and I am half irish)

3. Halloween pre-kids

St Patrick’s Day? C’mon. But St. Valentine’s Day and “Sweetest Day” aren’t on the list?

At the risk of being called a terrorist sympathizer by Tom McMahon* again, here’s my advice to Cillizza and the others who do not want to go to the bar on St Patrick’s Day to see the Irish wannabe amateur drinkers drinking green beer and doing Irish Car Bomb shots: Do something else.

One of the advantages of having kids is reconnecting to my Irish roots by connecting through them. My daughter is a Trinity Irish dancer. How fun was it to see her march in the parade last year?

If that isn’t enough, watch The Quiet Man and have a good Shepherd’s Pie. Or put the young kids to bed early and watch Michael Collins, one of the few times Julia Roberts is tolerable. Go see some real Irish cultural event, or spend an evening reading Irish poetry.

But one of the worst holidays? Only if you head to the bars.

(*Yes, McMahon is an ungrateful bastard. He can kiss my Irish ass.)

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