Monday, August 26th, 2019

Worth Reading Wiggy Last Week


Over at Wisconsin Watchdog:

Surprise: No protesters disrupted Shapiro event at Marquette

By   /  February 10, 2017  /  Campus Culture, Education, News, Wisconsin  /  2 Comments

Photo from YouTube

It’s a sign of how intolerant campus culture has become when the news about a controversial speaker visiting a college is that it occurred without protesters violently disrupting the event.

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Wisconsin school choice advocates cheer DeVos confirmation, liberals jeer

By   /  February 7, 2017  /  Education, News, Uncategorized, Wisconsin  /  7 Comments

“I voted against Betsy DeVos’ confirmation because she lacks the public education experience and qualifications for this job,” said Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

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Meanwhile, over the MacIver Institute:

DOT Audit Exposes Systemic Problems

1 Comments | Posted in News | By MacIverNews | Posted February 5, 2017 5:07 PM
DOT Audit Exposes Systemic Problems

Special guest perspective by James Wigderson – The DOT under Mark Gottlieb had all the self-discipline of a teenage girl with Daddy’s gold card at the mall. Telling the legislature that everything is half off and hoping that they’ll never see the bill is not behavior that should be rewarded with an increase in the DOT’s allowance. Read More »

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