Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Writers poll thinks unscientific poll at Wispolitics is stupid


WNS – WAUKESHA A poll taken by the Wigderson News Service of the writers at the Wigderson Library & Pub shows 100% of those surveyed think that WisPolitics reporting on an unscientific poll of it’s iPhone app users is completely stupid. The writers poll also showed 100% of those surveyed thought that any news organization trying to pass such a poll off as serious news in the future should ask for a refund on the journalism school education for whomever thought of the idea.

On the other hand, 100% of the writers at the Wigderson Library & Pub thought the unscientific Wiggy polls are fun for everyone, even though they have no value whatsoever.

The margin of error on the Wigderson News Service Poll is +/- 0%, unless free drinks are involved.

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