Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

The wrong element


Consider this a cautionary tale. When Sameer Khan wanted to re-open a hot dog stand, Judy’s Red Hots, at 27th and Kilbourn in Milwaukee, his plans were stopped by local Alderman Bob Baumann. The neighborhood had problems with the previous ownership of the stand, and that caused Baumann to do anything he could to stop the business from re-opening under the new owner. The community believed Judy’s Red Hots was a magnet for the wrong element in their community.

Khan owned other restaurants, and all he wanted was a chance to prove that he could make the business successful in a neighborhood that desperately needs business development. The Milwaukee Common Council sided with Baumann, and the restaurant never re-opened.

The good news for the community is that the site is no longer vacant.  Welcome NNR Tobacco.

Former site of Judy's Red Hots

Former site of Judy's Red Hots

I’m sure the neighbors are just ecstatic.

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