Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Wrong shirt no service


A bar in Pewaukee, Rox Bar and Grille, has decided it does not like patrons wearing pro-Walker shirts on the premises. Nothing like ticking off 75% of your likely customer base.

An employee of the bar went up to some patrons wearing pro-Walker shirts as they were leaving telling them not to wear their shirts at the bar again.

The owners are already catching some heat on their Facebook page. This is the owners’ statement:

As the owners of the Rox Bar & Grille, we are quite sensitive to the fact that Wisconsin is a place where political passion runs high. We respect the rights of our patrons to believe and discuss what they choose. We do ask, however, that they do not advertise these political beliefs in any form (including distributing pamphlets or wearing politically affiliated clothing). We are neither pro-recall nor pro-Walker. We are an establishment that is trying to provide our patrons with an enjoyable, safe, adult environment.

Dennis Hronis, and Peter Hronis – Owners

The customers in question have posted their responses. Screen captures here, here, here, and here.

Heather Daly Bronson also commented, “No one ever asked this business to display a fist or Walker sign in their window….that is the Left’s game. We just expected to be treated in a manner that showed our business was welcome.”

A reader of my website sent me a note saying that he was there when it happened. The reader told me that he is often at Rox Bar and is often wearing shirts that could be considered political, including that night. He asked one of the owners what was the difference between the pro-Walker shirts and his shirt, the owner said it was his bar and that he didn’t want anything like that in his place. It’s also possible nobody saw the Walker shirts until the customers got up from their chairs to leave. However, the customers in question said it was the same person that told them the owner did not want the Walker “crap” in his bar was also working the door that night and saw them come in.

I find it pretty unbelievable that a bar in Pewaukee would risk alienating so many customers like that over some stupid t-shirts. It’s even more obnoxious when you consider the people were leaving when they were made to feel so unwelcome.

Why bother them at that point? If “no political clothing” really is the policy, then why not just speak with the doorman about letting this group slip by? It’s the doorman’s fault, not the customers’ fault, if they were allowed to enter in violation of the bar’s policy.

That’s if that was really the policy. More likely the “policy” was invented right on the spot.

I would not support a “boycott” of the bar because it possibly decided to single out Walker supporters for rudeness. However, I would avoid going to this bar in the future just because it was obnoxious to customers instead of thanking them for their patronage. There are plenty of other bars in Waukesha County where people on both sides of the political divide can go without wondering if they’re going to get harassed for just wearing the wrong t-shirt after spending good money there.

By the way, I wonder how many on the Left are going to suddenly “support” this bar for being obnoxious to Walker-supporting customers but would be appalled if a liberal wearing a union fist shirt was harassed by the bar’s employee while leaving?

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