Friday, November 24th, 2017

Yes, Virginia, there is a Tommy


Michael Horne notes Wisconsin’s favorite son is no longer the boy from Elroy.

A Milwaukeeworld Scoop!
According to documents filed with the Federal Election Commission late on December 13th, 2006, Tommy G. Thompson of “Alexandria, Virginia, 22320” has registered a Presidential Campaign Exploratory Committee.

First California passes us in cheese production, now this.

Horne refers to some comments by Wonkette as “…stuff the likes of which you are not going to get from Thompson-fearing Wisconsin journalists and bloggers.” If there’s a Tommy-fearing blogger, right or left, I have yet to meet him or her.

But since there’s now a challenge, I’ll start a new feature: the Tommy Thompson Blogger Suck-Up Watch. From this point forward, I’ll highlight any blog that pumps up the former governor and his presidential run. I suspect there will be no updates. But if you see something, e-mail me at

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