Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

You can’t fix stupid


This Facebook post on the Siberian Husky Owners page made me wonder how this person manages to feed herself.

So, I’m getting a mini lop rabbit and I dont know what my Sibe/GSD’s reaction is going to be.. any advice?

Most of the other dog owners were polite enough not to ask,”How stupid are you?” Instead, most of the owners calmly told her that it was not a bright idea.

I had to rehome my rabbits, ate through 3 hutches and when we tried indoor hutches to keep closer eye on them we came down one morning to tiana lying in the cage and a dead rabbit. she hadnt mauled it or anything but we couldnt take the risk with the others. Its not fair on the dog tbh as the smell will drive them up the wall and they are also generally very inquisitive animals and rabbits dont cope with any amount of stress at all, their heartbeats go haywire and basically go boom. Many rabbits die from heart attacks even from dogs just sniffing at the cage x

my advice dont do it. Do you really want tohe responsibility if something goes wrong. they are extremely prey driven so why risk it

I think your asking for trouble. If/when your dog hurts your rabbit, are you going to be mad at the dog? Because youre tempting fate, and its not fair to the dog to be the one who gets punished.

But, as Ron White says, you can’t fix stupid.

I’m getting him. Nobody can tell me different. If something happens, I will take full blame. I asked advice on how to keep her from him not for people telling me to not get the rabbit! Like my comment earlier, she is VERY good with the cat. I will watch her during the day. At night she’s crated.

Then why on Earth did she ask for advice? If you ask for the advice, why would you ignore it? Because it’s not something she wanted to hear. What she wanted to hear, “All animals looooove each other. No problem!”

However, this might be some comfort for the rabbit, the future coney tartare appetizer.

Yea. I agree. I said in a previous comment that if something does go wrong. I will take the blame. I never blame my dogs for what we humans do.

That’s very big of her, and I’m sure the dog will rest easy with a clear conscience.


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