Sunday, August 18th, 2019

You say supporter, I say endorser, let’s buy a thesaurus


Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima and State Assembly candidate Chris Kapenga could both use a new thesaurus. We’re told that Scrima did not really endorse Kapenga for Assembly, he merely supports Kapenga.

“I’m friends with Chris. He’s a good guy,” Scrima said. “I have not given him political support or public support. I explicitly told him I didn’t endorse candidates.”

Scrima contacted The Freeman on Tuesday after an article ran in Monday’s “In Brief” section of the paper. The article was based on a news release sent out by Kapenga’s campaign that stated Scrima and Delafield Mayor Ed McAleer have both given public support of Kapenga in the race.

In the release, Scrima is quoted as saying, “Chris has what it takes to bring people together and move this state forward,” and McAleer is quoted as saying, “Chris is the fiscal conservative we need for the 33rd Assembly District.”

McAleer told The Freeman on Tuesday he does support Kapenga and did give the quote in the news release.

Kapenga of Delafield is challenging state Rep. Scott Newcomer, R-town of Delafield, in the September Republican primary. Also challenging Newcomer is Waukesha County Technical College Associate Dean Brian Dorow and Delafield realtor Joe DeKlotz. Newcomer has faced a host of personal and professional issues in the past year.

Scrima sent an e-mail to The Freeman on Tuesday afternoon saying he didn’t endorse Kapenga and asked for a correction in the paper. Scrima also forwarded an email he said he sent to Kapenga dated May 14. In the e-mail, Scrima wrote, “While Chris is a good friend and great man, I do not endorse any candidates. Thanks for understanding.”

When asked where the quote in the news release came from, Scrima said he wasn’t sure where or when he said it, but it might have been in casual conversation.

Kapenga said Tuesday that Scrima e-mailed him the quote and he was careful to use the word “support” in the news release and not “endorse.” Kapenga also had concerns with The Freeman using the term endorse instead of support.

“We were very careful with our words,” Kapenga said. “We had him down as support, but not endorse.

“He’s supporting, not endorsing.”

Over at,

Main Entry: endorse
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: support, authorize


Main Entry: support
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: defend, advocate belief
Synonyms: abet, advance, agree with, aid, approve, assist, back, bear out, bolster, boost, boost morale, carry, champion, cheer, comfort, countenance, endorse, establish, forward, foster, get behind,

I’m really glad they made that distinction for us. I was a little confused by the campaign appearance by Scrima at a Chris Kapenga event.

I’m sure the other candidates are relieved Scrima isn’t endorsing anyone.

So remember, if you can’t be a Kapenga endorser, you can always be a Kapenga supporter.

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