Sunday, November 19th, 2017

You thought the nuns with steel rulers were dangerous


State Representative Frank Lasee (R) wants to turn the local kindergarten teacher into a member of the well-regulated militia.

To protect our kids from harm, I plan to introduce legislation to allow, NOT REQUIRE, trained school personnel to carry weapons in Wisconsin. Other countries have done it successfully and made their schools more safe in the process. I truly believe that it can work in Wisconsin too.

While Lasee was at it, he wrote the fundraising letters for half the Democrats in the state legislature, as long as he was helping out.

This idea will never fly. Too many suburban moms will freak out at the thought of the school librarian packing heat.

Unfortunately, the next step in the process is that the gun rights organizations will add this to their questionnaires and every conservative running for office in the state will be asked if they consider it reasonable that someone who is properly trained can carry a loaded gun into school. They’ll have to agree if they want the endorsement.

A week later the Democratic press releases will come out, “State Rep so-and-so is soooo extreme he wants the lunch lady to carry an AK-47.”

If Lasee really wanted teachers to be able to carry a weapon into a school building to use in self-defense then he should have waited a few months for Governor Mark Green to sign a proper concealed-carry bill.

By bringing it up now, in the aftermath of a school violence incident in Wisconsin that would not have been prevented by Lasee’s proposal, all Lasee has managed to do is distract attention from the Green campaign’s efforts to fight back against Doyle. The Doyle camp can now pin Green on the issue, and Green can either alienate some gun owners by saying he’s against guns in school or he can alienate suburban moms by saying he wants guns in school.

Thanks Frank. In the immortal words of Johnny Sacramoni, “If you want to commit suicide, pills are a lot easier.”

Update! 10/6 11:52am Both Congressman Mark Green and Governor Doyle oppose Lasee’s proposal. (Ht: Ann Althouse)

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