Monday, May 20th, 2019

You will restrict your remarks to the weather


Saw this over at WGN’s website:

global warming
I miss global warming. I wonder if WGN has to issue a refund with that kind of ad placement?

By the way, you know you’re loving this story.

global warming 2

Turney‘s team is studying climate change, as well as how wildlife is adapting to it. He noted that numerous penguins have traipsed across the ice from the nearby mainland to curiously observe the explorers.

A Chinese ice breaker was unable to reach the ship, and another vessel, the Australian icebreaker Aurora Australis, got to within 10 nautical miles of the stranded ship but couldn’t see it through a driving blizzard, and had to turn back to open water. Turney told his team is in good spirits, though it only has 10 days of food supplies.

They’re sending helicopters to rescue the global warming researchers stranded in the ice. I wonder how much pollution will be caused if the  environmentalist research ship accidentally sinks after being knocked around by the ice. Oh yeah, it’s summer there.

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