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97th Assembly update – Man’s best friend


Bob Dole said if you want a friend in politics, get a dog. Assembly candidate Brandon Rosner has an interesting friend. Records show Rosner donated $100 to State Rep Peter Barca, the Democratic leader in the Assembly, in 2010. Rosner was also on a host committee for a fundraiser for Barca in 2009, according to Wisconsin Election Watch. (It was also mentioned in the Roth Report at RightWisconsin.) Rosner explained that Barca is a “close, personal friend.” Rosner also issued a list of Republican and conservative donations. I dunno. Mitt Romney? brandon rosner

(For the record, not only do I have friends that are Democrats, I married an ex-Democrat.)

I caught the tail end of Rosner’s “meet and greet” yesterday deep in the bowels of the Reinhart Law Offices. According to Rosner about a dozen total showed up for the cheese, sausage, crackers and beer right after work. (Scheduling tip: A little tough for commuters to get there before 5:30 PM, especially when Highway F is one lane northbound.) I left just as the Rev Joe Angel Medina arrived to pose for a photo with Rosner.

Rosner will be announcing next week an endorsement by former Governor Tommy Thompson, who will be the guest of honor at a fundraiser for Rosner hosted by former US Senate candidate Tim Michels. Rosner also said he is hitting 200 doors/day and has 500 yard signs out.

Alderman Aaron Perry put out a release yesterday explaining his record on the Waukesha Common Council. “My experience as a Common Council member in the City of Waukesha has been incredibly important in forming my views on how government should work in the state of Wisconsin.”

Aaron Perry

Aaron Perry

Perry listed jobs, public safety and local control as issues he worked on as an alderman. He then addressed the issue of taxes and spending:

I also spent last year on the Finance committee and on the fiscal year 2014 budget. This budget came with a response to the city’s demands and was passed unanimously within the council, 15-0. This was unanimous because we all worked tirelessly with our residents to include things that they felt the city neglected. A major project we began this budget cycle was road repair. For years the City had neglected care of the streets and potholes. As I listened to residents, this was one of the major issues that kept coming up. We doubled the amount of money to rebuild streets throughout the city. With the harsh winter, our road damage was worse than we could have imagined. Had we not budgeted additional funds for repairs we would not have been able to meet the needs of our residents and we would have failed them.

As we continued our work to relieve the taxpayer, the Council voted to participate in a joint health clinic with the county and school district. I voted for this and over the next 5 years it will save the city tax payer over 1 million dollars. During the budget process there was much public involvement and the only commentary we heard was positive. Finance meetings are always open to the public.

WISN’s Mark Belling has wondering if any of the assembly candidates will criticize Waukesha County Clerk Kathleen Novack for issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples despite no order from federal Judge Barbara Crabb allowing her to do so and the public opinion from state Attorney General JB Van Hollen that the law remains in effect. No press releases yet, but the Waukesha Freeman (just three quarters at your favorite convenience store) asked the candidates to comment.

Joe Banske provided the newspaper a copy of an email he sent to Novack asking her to stop issuing the licenses. According to the Freeman, Banske wrote,

“Continuing to issue marriage licenses will only cause hardship upon all stakeholders involved, including your office,” he wrote, adding the voters he had talked to “were not pleased to have heard about this practice happening in Waukesha County.”

Waukesha County Supervisor and Alderman Kathleen Cummings told the Freeman, “Until the state attorney general has resolved this matter in the courts, the clerks should not issue same-sex marriage licenses in keeping with state law.” As a County Supervisor, it’ll be interesting to see if Cummings can raise the issue at the county board level.

Perry referred to Novack’s actions as, “premature and possibly unlawful.” Vince Trovato made a general statement saying the clerks should hold off issuing licenses. Scott Allen and Rosner so far restricted their remarks to Crabb’s ruling and a commitment to defending marriage.

In other news:

Cumming’s campaign is now on Facebook.

The only upcoming campaign events for anyone are a fundraiser for Perry at the Pieper Porch Winery & Vineyard and the fundraiser for Rosner at the home of Tim Michels, both on June 18th. Contact the campaigns for more information and to RSVP.

Don’t be surprised to see the candidates at Friday Night Live, or at Buchnerfest (in Buchner Park) or at the Farmers Market on Saturday.

No Democrat is running in the 97th. Chuck Schilling, the Libertarian candidate, failed to qualify for the ballot.

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