Monday, August 26th, 2019

A Former Baseball Fan Reacts to the Ryan Braun Scandal


On Tuesday, RightWisconsin ran a piece by me (yes, subscription required) talking about my thoughts on professional baseball and Ryan Braun. It’s been a long road towards alienation for me, which probably says something about the love I once had for the game.

Here’s part:

I was at the 2002 All Star Game Home Run Derby. I saw Sammy Sosa hit the ball to left field harder than I’ve ever seen a ball hit before or since. I also saw Jason Giambi hit the ball to the upper deck in right field. It was an amazing display of power hitting.
Then came the Barry Bonds scandal. The San Francisco Chronicle did a remarkable job investigating Bonds’ relationship with a steroids supplier, providing damning evidence that Bonds was a dirty player. Then Congress investigated. Bonds, Sosa, Giambi. McGwire, Roger Clemens…
Some people excused it at the time, saying that baseball has always had a bit of cheating. Gaylord Perry, the famous spitball pitcher, is in baseball’s hall of fame.
But most of us realize that there’s a difference between stealing signs or adding something to a baseball, and taking illegal drugs to become more than human.
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