Friday, July 19th, 2019

Aaron Perry opposes gas tax increase


On the eve of what I believe is the final candidate forum in the 97th Assembly district, Waukesha Alderman Aaron Perry is reminding voters that at the last forum he was the only one to speak against raising the gas tax. From his press release today:

Video of a forum held by the Republican Women of Waukesha County shows Alderman Aaron Perry is the only Assembly District 97 candidate clearly against raising the state gas tax. None of the other candidates made clear to a room full of taxpayers that they won’t raise the gas tax.

“The last thing tax payers need from their next assembly representative is more pain at the gas pump,” Alderman Aaron Perry says. “I’m the only candidate clearly committed to fighting against any and all attempts to raise the Wisconsin gas tax to fill a $680 million gap in infrastructure spending.”

Alderman Perry made it clear when asked about taxes that he will not vote in favor of raising the gas tax. Voters seeking a clear difference among Assembly District 97 candidates simply need to watch video of the Republican Women of Waukesha County forum at

“The State of Wisconsin has not raised the gas tax since 1997. I agree with taxpayers that it’s a bad idea to raise it again,” Perry says. “Fighting against any gas tax increases is another indication of what voters can expect from me as someone they elect to represent what’s important to them in the state capitol.”

Prior to 1997, the gas tax increased every year to fund road construction and repair costs in Wisconsin.

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