Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

An uncivil gesture


I’ve read through Justice Butler’s belated concession speech and I must say I’m disappointed with the conduct of the justice. He gave no explanation why he waited as long as he did to concede, and his concession offered no congratualtions to the winner.

Instead we were treated to a tired whine about how the election was unfair and how necessary it is to curb democracy so people will not lose “faith” in the judiciary.

If Justice Butler was really concerned about the public not losing faith in the judiciary, perhaps he should have done a better job interpreting the law instead of making the law. The people will not “lose faith” in their governing institutions so long as there is a check on them through democratic means. More speech is required and not less as so many so-called “reformers” urge. More debate. And finally, democracy requires an acceptance by the loser that sometimes the voters will choose someone other than himself to serve.

In choosing this manner to end his campaign, Butler has vindicated the judgement of the voters.

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