Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Back from the depths of Hell


Just got back from retrieving the kids after a day in Madison and then dinner on the road. Just a couple of quick comments with pictures and more in-depth comments later. I would like to thank the MacIver Institute not only for the hard work they are doing telling the real story from Madison, but also the courtesy they showed my guests in Madison today. It was very nice to get the vantage of the parade of leftists from the MacIver Institute offices overlooking the Capitol square. I also want to thank the people that stopped me just to say hello. It was an exciting day, and always fun to see people who read the site, or the columns at the MacIver Institute, or the columns in the Waukesha Freeman.

Despite being vastly outnumbered, the mood of the crowd of Tea Party Rally attendees was very upbeat and optimistic. Many of them were ready to go back to their communities and begin recall efforts against the Democratic State Senators that fled Wisconsin rather than vote on the budget repair bill. Many of them were really angry at union teachers that walked off the job to come to Madison to protest, shutting down many local schools in the process.

The weather held, but many of the attendees were concerned about the coming bad weather tonight, possibly holding down attendance.

I’ll have photos in a little bit, including doctors that were handing out excuses to teachers who called in sick just so they could come to Madison to protest. Other photos as well, and more commentary.

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