Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Banning books – The Bible – at the University of Wisconsin


Your tax dollars at work. The UW System reminds us again they have no understanding what a university is for. I’m not the type that worries too much about liberalism on campus. But I do worry when political correctness becomes an authoritarian regime and starts banning discussion or even books on campus. Surely if there is room for homosexual pre-teen lit in the West Bend library children’s section, then there is room at the UW Extension for a Christian bible. As our good friends at RightWisconsin allowed me to explain, it’s absolutely outrageous that the UW System caved to the Freedom From Religion Foundation and banned The Bible. An excerpt:

Of course, the mere presence of a Christian bible is no more of an endorsement of the religion than a copy of Battlefield Earth in the school library is an endorsement of Scientology. (I’m looking forward to Gaylor trying to ban Tom Cruise movies on the UW campus, some of which can at least be legitimately considered offensive to good taste.)
It’s striking that Gaylor’s organization has been pursuing the banning of the Christian Bible at the UW-Extension for years. It’s amazing, with all this long-time endorsement of religion by the state, Madison isn’t a Christian theocracy by now. My God, how did she bear the outrage?
But Gaylor’s infectious lunacy isn’t what is truly disappointing. What is disappointing is how the UW administration caved. Disappointing, but not surprising.
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