Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Bed tax


Senator Kanavas starts his thirty days of taxation awareness with the raising of taxes on nursing home beds:

“Governor Doyle and the Democrat’s budget will increase taxes on senior citizens in nursing homes by roughly $1,248 dollars per licensed bed over the biennium. The Democrats are budgeting on the backs of our state most vulnerable citizens,” stated Kanavas.

Governor Doyle’s Democratic budget creates $1.78 billion dollars in tax and fee increases and revenue enhancements. The nursing home bed provision raises that tax on each licensed bed by $52.00 per bed per month across the entire state. The tax increase on our senior citizens adds an additional $33,637,400 to state coffers.

“In order for Wisconsin to be successful we need three generations to pull the wagon. Our senior citizens are a vital part of family life and the social fabric of our state. The Democrat’s decision to target a $33 million tax increase on our senior citizens is immoral,” Kanavas concluded.

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