Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Being liberal means never having to say you’re sorry


My latest piece for RightWisconsin.com is about OnMilwaukee Editor/Publisher Andy Tarnoff and his belief in prison rape as an appropriate criminal punishment (subscription required).

…the OnMilwaukee.com editor/publisher’s rape rant went largely unnoticed by the media and Milwaukee’s leftwing establishment. There were no Code Pink or Occupy Milwaukee protests at Tarnoff’s office. One Wisconsin Now was too busy making homophobic jokes about conservatives to have anything to say.

Nothing from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel other than their political gossip columnist Dan Bice asking how he missed the story. Milwaukee Magazine did a brief blurb, but their media analyst Erik Gunn has so far ignored the story. Bruce Murphy and Urban Milwaukee, always good for an overwrought parsing of anything controversial on talk radio, completely ignored it. Even the Shepherd Express, formerly known as the Crazy Shepherd, suddenly lost its outraged voice. Perhaps they were too busy writing about men’s lingerie.

I gave a statement to Milwaukee Magazine, and I confess to being disappointed that I wasn’t joined in the sentiment in a bipartisan manner: “Just as the first amendment allows an entertainment website editor to make a jackass of himself, the eighth amendment prevents jackass suggestions for torturing criminals from becoming public policy.”

Why isn’t there the outrage by the professional perpetually offended class? It’s as simple as the defense Tarnoff gave at the time. “This is probably the only topic that I’m not very liberal on.”

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