Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Blog summit reports


I’m in my pajamas today blogging, contemplating a life outside my door. Spring City Chronicle is warning me about low-flying helicopters in my neighborhood so I may just stay in doors. I’ll kick the kids outside of course. They like helicopters.

Meanwhile, the reports are trickling in on yesterday’s blog summit. Nick Schweitzer was there and took notes and pictures. (added: Deep thoughts, too.) Scott Feldstein was there and had one, two, three, four live updates and a comment on the post-party.

Brian Fraley left early, but thinks the breaking news is that lefty blogs are whiners.

Jib at Badger Blog Alliance notes a few other bloggers:

GOP3 live blogged the summit.
Owen enjoyed the event, especially the after summit activities.
Sean’s favorite part was the after summit activities.
For Pete, it was a good “get to know you” event.
Jesse at Dane101 has a lot to say.

Fred at Real Debate has a list of favorite quotes.

Karen Carpenter was interested in discussing the weirdos that don’t blog.

Rick Esenberg feels obligated to point out he’s being shortchanged.

Phelony did not stick around. Free coffee and donuts are not enough.

Patrick is a cold casualty (please sneeze in the other direction).

Jay Bullock from the center square gives a state of the Cheddarsphere address.

Charlie Sykes clarifies a few things said. Charlie also announces he’ll be allowing comments (moderated).

Anyone I missed?

A couple more Jib noticed:
Aaron appreciated the legal advice. Elliot has a ‘rule of 50.’
And Steve Eggleston thinks liberal bloggers are from Mars, conservative bloggers are from Venus.

More!Tim Rock gives a perspective from the Other Side.

Still More The man in the snazzy sweater vest, Christian Schneider, found out he was the #1 evildoer in Wisconsin.

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