Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Cake Boss meets Cake Eater


Took the Lovely Doreen from Waukesha on a date night Thursday night to see Buddy Valastro, The Cake Boss, at the Riverside Theatre, along with 1,930 other people.

For a guy who does not have a show business background, he puts on a pretty good show. Valastro started the show with a t-shirt gun shooting t-shirts into the audience. In between segments of audience participation where selected audience members tried to duplicate a cake decorating trick on a cupcake, Valastro told stories about his business, his family, and the show. At one point he decorated a wedding cake while taking questions from the audience.

Valastro saved the best for last when he had three men from the audience make chocolate roses from modeling chocolate. He then had the men dance across the stage one at a time to present the chocolate roses to their wives. The audience favorite was the man who took his tie and shirt off while dancing, and he won a gift certificate to Carlo’s Bakery.

After the show, Valastro stayed to autograph books and pose for photos. The staff of the Riverside were taken by surprise by how many people stood in line to wait for Valastro which caused quite a human traffic jam in the lobby. Fortunately, Doreen and I were early in line. Doreen got her ticket autographed and we bought a signed book.

The Riverside staff said Valastro was going to stay until the entire line got to get his autograph and pose for a picture. Pretty impressive considering the line went down the hall, into and around the theater.

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