Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Campaign aide injured in Kasich speech rehearsal mishap


AFD NEWS – April 1, 2016 – While Ohio Governor John Kasich rehearsed a campaign speech for a townhall gathering in Bruesly, WI, one of the governor’s flailing arms caught his speechwriter, Orel Pablume, in the shoulder. According to witnesses, Pablum was knocked to the ground with the force of the blow.

Emergency personnel, often onsite when Kasich is speaking to groups, quickly treated the young campaign aide before taking him to a nearby hospital. It is unknown at this time whether Pablume will ever regain use of his speechwriting arm again.

Campaign wardrobe assistant Sue Tentai was reported distraught over the accident. One person associated with the campaign who wished not to be identified said it was Tentai’s suggestion that Kasich remove the large, balloon-like hand safety devices the candidate normally wore to protect bystanders. “She was hoping that rehearsing without the inflatable boxing gloves would cause his hands to behave more naturally. Instead his hands flew like knives at a Japanese steakhouse.”

Kasich was unavailable for comment but the campaign released a statement:

“We deeply regret the injury to Orel Pablume and pray for his swift recovery. Fortunately for Pablume, Ohio took the Obamacare money for Medicaid expansion so he, along with thousands of other Ohioans, can enjoy the benefits of Obamacare.”

The only other damage reported in the incident was the shorting out of the “National Debt Clock” that the Kasich campaign uses at campaign events.

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