Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Canada, Wisconsin


Oh good, we’re being lectured by foreigners, now.

Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union Secretary-Treasurer Gaétan Ménard will meet with his counterparts and bring back a first-hand account to Canada.

“This is not just an attack against public sector unions, it’s an attack against all those who seek fairness in the workplace through their trade unions,” says CEP President Dave Coles said in a press release. “Canadian unions have been battered by membership losses and anti-worker policies of right-wing governments. I have no doubt that the situation in Wisconsin could be the thin edge of the wedge for Canada.”

Wisconsinites are not Canadians, and we certainly didn’t vote to become Canada last November. If the Democrats want to be like Canada, they can follow Bob and Doug McKenzie home.

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