Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Chocolate politics in Waukesha tomorrow


Indulge your sweet tooth and your political passions tomorrow in Waukesha.  I received an e-mail from Allô! Chocolat tonight promoting a special visit tomorrow to downtown Waukesha.

Hello lovers of all things chocolate!

US Senate candidate Ron Johnson, along with State Senate candidate Rich Zipperer and State Representative Bill Kramer will be stopping in our store this Monday at 3:00 PM.  They are taking a tour of downtown Waukesha and have asked if they can visit Allô! Chocolat.  While this email is not an endorsement for any candidates, we feel these gentlemen have stepped up and said they are willing to try and make a difference in our country, so we applaud them for their courage and vision.  Politics can be a thankless job, so to show our appreciation for their willingness to run for office, we’d like to see our store filled with encouraging customers when they arrive.  If you are available this Monday at 3PM, please stop in to say hello to these candidates.
Thank you,

Carrie and Roger

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