Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Chris Abele has Terrence Wall disease


Dan Bice reports

Chris Abele has paid no state income taxes for the last four years.
For at least the past four years, Abele has paid no state income taxes.

Not one nickel.

It’s a stunning disclosure about the only county exec candidate who can afford to dip into his wallet to fill the local airwaves with campaign ads before the Feb. 15 primary.

“Chris Abele has paid the taxes he’s owed,” said Abele campaign aide Brandon Lorenz, who confirmed that the candidate also had no federal tax liability last year.

Lorenz noted that Abele, the son of a co-founder of the medical equipment company Boston Scientific, draws no regular salary from his family foundation, makes significant personal donations to charity and pays a five-figure property tax bill.

That’s all well and good, but people won’t like hearing that Abele can ignore paying Uncle Sam on April 15, said Andrew Reschovsky, a University of Wisconsin-Madison economics professor. That’s because, he said, most Americans expect those with more resources to pay more in taxes.

Abele’s example “doesn’t mean there’s fraud going on. There’s no reason to believe anyone is cheating on their taxes,” Reschovsky said. “It’s just the nature of our income tax system, and that’s why more and more people think that we need fundamental tax reform.”

You may recall how the tax issue just drove the coverage of the Terrence Wall campaign for Senate. The issue hounded his campaign to the point where everyone on the right was begging for an alternative candidate. Eventually Ron Johnson stepped up, ran, and defeated Russ Feingold last year.

I can’t wait for all of the press releases from the Democratic Party making fun of Abele not owing any taxes. I’m sure every leftwing blogger in the state are working themselves into a righteous fury over this limosuine liberal who wants to raise taxes for everyone but himself. I bet Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now is writing a press release right now calling Chris Abele a big tax-dodging poopy head.

Since none of that is going to happen, perhaps we should issue an award to the liberal blogger or activist who comes up with the best rationalization why Chris Abele’s tax avoidance is not an issue when it was for Terrence Wall. We’ll award them the Order of the Donkey’s Ass for the most ridiculous explanation why Abele’s tax problems should not be an issue.

(A little more history on this, columnist Dan Bice reminds me that this issue also caused Russ Darrow some problems in the 2004 Senate race.)

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