Sunday, August 25th, 2019

City leadership


I promise, next week I’ll return to doing some writing about life in Waukesha. In the meantime, my next column deadline is Tuesday. I think my next column should be on our mayor. Like our mayor, I consider myself something of a leader, an opinion leader. As part of my duties as an opinion leader, I believe my next column should have something to do with the city of Waukesha, and it should be between 650 and 700 words. Maybe it should be about taxes, or at least city spending. But, following our mayor’s example, since I am a leader, I’m sure some of you could fill in the details for me. If not, I’m sure the copy editors and Editor Bill Yorth at the Waukesha Freeman could form a committee and write my column for me about some efficiencies they found in city government since Jeff Scrima became mayor. I’m sure they would feel obligated to fulfill my column vision and create those 650 words for my column.

Or we could all just suggest that the mayor could give his entire salary and benefits package back since he doesn’t seem to really want to do his job and we could have the tax break he’s suggesting. Conveniently enough, it should just about cover the amount he says he wants the aldermen to find in “efficiencies.”

I’m sure we can find a frame for the cashed check to hang on the walls of city hall that won’t clash with the new paint job.

(Yes, of all the idiotic things I have ever heard…)

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