Monday, August 19th, 2019

Commenters trying to make Scrima story go away are making the issue more serious


Anyone who is claiming that the mayor of the state’s 7th largest city allegedly attempting to run down a city employee with his car is not a story is living in fantasyland. However, I see Mayor Jeff Scrima’s supporters and family are out to defend him, claiming the incident where he almost his Derek Knox is not a story. Some of them are only making matters worse for Scrima.

I think this comment from someone with the Scrima name may be an insight into the mayor’s own values:

Angela Scrima Martner Yeah-like he would hit someone on purpose-he’d have to pay for damages to his own car! What a joke!

If I were in the mayor’s family I don’t think I would be joking about the potential damage to a vehicle from an alleged case of attempting to run down an employee.

More disturbing are some comments at Waukesha Patch. George at Too Kool or Just a Fool caught that one commenter seemed to have inside information that should only be known by the Human Resources Department, and the leak of such confidential information could make the city a target of a lawsuit.

This is not the first time that confidential information has leaked out. The city needs to investigate immediately how the information in this case is getting leaked. Common Council President Paul Ybarra should even consider asking the County District Attorney Brad Schimel to launch an investigation to see if any laws were broken.

Another commenter at Patch wrote a post that had an ominous, possibly threatening tone:

My suggestion to is to do their best to identify “Vernon” as the police may be following up on this posting.

As this incident also has a racial element to it, the Common Council had better act right away to get to the bottom of the incident and the leaks.


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