Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Congratulations to Jeff Christensen, contest winner


Congratulations to Jeff Christensen, the fifth district Democratic Party Chairman. Jeff was the 4000th commenter in our current comments database and wins the $25 gift card to Kwik Trip.

Jeff’s winning comment, “You really do miss those crocs…

In an e-mail, Jeff accepted the prize by saying, “I must say that this really, really cracks me up.”

Yeah, it’s making us laugh, too. For sheer entertainment value, this may be the best $25 the shameless self-promotion department ever spent.

So the next time you see Jeff, ask him to buy lunch at the Kwik Trip. They have great specials on Johnsonville Brats. At the very least, I think he owes former Mayor Larry Nelson an Icee.

Thanks again to everyone for another wonderful year of blogging. Next year’s goal is to have the Waukesha Common Council declare the blog anniversary day, “WiggySha Day.”

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