Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Decisions, decisions


History buffs will remember that Woodrow Wilson won his party’s nomination in 1912 after 46th ballot at the Democratic National Convention that year. This is not a post on the liklihood of this year’s Democratic Convention being so divided*.

Brian Fraley is reporting on the continuing struggle of the Milwaukee County Board to select a new County Board Chairman. As of 4:23 PM, Fraley reports they’re on the 16th ballot.

On the (I think) 16th ballot: John Weishan with only the support of John Weishan was the lowest vote getter and will be dropped from future ballots. On the 16th Ballot: Schmitt 5, Holloway 5, Broderick 3, Coggs Jones 2, Marina D. 2, Weishan 1, Present 1.

I bet they break 46 attempts. You wonder why no opposition leader has emerged to County Executive Scott Walker, or why they were unable to oust Lee Holloway before, here’s your answer.

Update! 5:46 PM Fraley is now reporting the impasse has reached the 33rd ballot.

I also did a little research and discovered that in 1924 the ballot round record for a presidential nomination at a national convention was set at 103 by John W Davis. He was the Democratic compromise nominee. The other two contenders were Alfred E Smith and William McAdoo (Woodrow Wilson’s son-in-law).

Update! 7:51 PM Fraley taking a break for dinner until 9:00 PM after the 44th ballot revealed no movement towards a board chairman.
Holloway, Eight; Broderick, Five; Schmitt, Five; Present, One.

The supervisors must not have shared any popcorn.

Update! 9:02 PM Habemas princeps! Sorry, got carried away for a minute there. According to Fraley, Holloway pulled it out on the 45th ballot. The Milwaukee County Board is still run by a violent slum lord.

(*although, wouldn’t it be great?)

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