Monday, August 19th, 2019

Did he accidentally throw out the Yellow Pages?


Living safely on the other side of 124th street, the whole Michael McGee Jr. controversy is more of a passing curiousity. I understand the whole argument for tossing him out of office and support the recall effort. Even if wasn’t been the most smooth operation. I support the Wauwatosa cops and think the mayor of Wauwatosa is an idiot. I thought McGee should have had the book thrown at him when he threatened his ex-girlfriend in court (at a hearing about a temporary restraining order) and he is a walking argument why perjury should be vigorously prosecuted.

Of course, I think McGee crossed the line, too, when he threatened Leon Todd, another leader in the African American community, for his “betrayal.” And I understand why Todd might want a restraining order.

But Alan Eisenberg? That was the best representation Leon Todd could afford? What, Mark Sostarich wasn’t available? Bozo the Clown? Any random name in the Yellow Pages?

Here’s a sample of what Leon Todd is getting for his money. How is this constructive? How does this help isolate McGee Jr? How does this do anything but help rally more support for the Alderman?

With any luck, Eisenberg will have his law license suspended again before too long and Todd can find someone more competent to represent him.

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