Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Do Nothing City Officials in Brookfield


Thanks to James for allowing me to post this letter here. It is cross-posted at my blog, The Other Side of My Mouth (though I won’t link to it for fear of being identified as a spam blog).

To Whom it may concern (again):

I have written previously of my concerns regarding the automobile speeds on Fiebrantz Drive, specifically the portion north of Keefe Avenue. I have written of the changing demographics for this section of Fiebrantz. What was once predominantly elderly is now increasingly populated with young families, and consequently many children — approx 20 — all under the age of twelve. I have written that the average speed of Fiebrantz is well above the posted speed limit. I have written of my investigation that much of the speeding traffic can be attributed to three things: Lamplighter subdivision commuters, Elite Gym and people taking a shortcut to avoid the stoplights on Lilly and Capital.

I have written in the past that an accident was just waiting to happen, especially this time of year when the kids, after a winter of hibernation are out and about, using up restless energy. I have been told there is no problem on Fiebrantz by our esteemed police chief. I have been told by the current alderman that he was aware of the issues of Lamplighter commuters (nothing changed), and I have been told by the city engineer that signs aren’t really effective. Some effort.

Well, yesterday, as I suspected would happen, an accident did occur. I was walking our infant daughter and our dog down the hill. My seven-year old was ahead on her bike (there were numerous other children on the road, but none were involved in the accident that occurred). A van came speeding by me in excess of the speed limit. Another car was coming in the opposite direction … again, above the posted limit (did they not see these kids?). I yelled ahead to my daughter. She became frightened and lost control of her bike. She fell into one of the drainage ditches … I guess fortunately. The van didn’t swerve much … it couldn’t because both autos tried to squeeze through. The van slowed a bit and then continued on.

I ran ahead with my young daughter and dog to find my other child screaming. Upon investigation I was taken aback to see a huge, ugly lump just above her right eye. I gathered her up, called her mother and after passing my daughter to my wife, took Abby to Children’s Hospital where it was determined she had not suffered any brain damage or other debilitating> damage. Fortunately.

My daughter just missed hitting her head on one of the drainage pipes. I shudder to think of the damage that would have caused her. Last night as I held her, tears came to my eyes … but there was rage, too.

I am a regular blogger and I can tell you that I am going to post this. Many of my readers (well, the two or three … that’s why I’m posting here) are Waukesha county residents. I am tired of this issue being blown off. I don’t care what you do, but I want some action taken regarding speeds on Fiebrantz, and I don’t mean putting up the digital speed reminder. Something substantial.

I am willing to listen to ideas, but I am also> sending this to as many people as possible.

Timothy Rock

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