Saturday, August 17th, 2019

Does somebody at the Associated Press actually read what they put out?


The Associated Press, while reporting Planned Parenthood is closing its clinic in Fond Du Lac, lets this whopper go unchallenged:

Jody Krahn, a nurse practitioner in Planned Parenthood’s Fond du Lac clinic, said the closure will be “a terrible loss for the community.” For many patients, the clinic provided their only health care options and gateway to other resources, even for non-reproductive issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure, she said.

Really? The only health care options? Diabetes and high blood pressure?

Who knew going to Planned Parenthood was the next best thing to a miracle at Lourdes?

By the way, Planned Parenthood’s problems might stem from the 16 percent drop in abortions this year. That follows a 7.4 percent drop last year and a 4.4 percent drop the year before.

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