Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Duchow defeats Westlake


According to the preliminary results from Tuesday’s special Republican primary election in the 99th district, Delafield town board member Cindi Duchow defeated Dave Westlake.


Clearly the last-minute hit on Westlake hurt, but Duchow was hit in the closing days, too. Duchow had, as of the last campaign finance report, sunk in more of her own money that Westlake raised. Assuming that Westlake and Duchow worked equally hard at the doors, then Duchow’s appeal based on her lifelong residency in the district could have helped, despite my poo-pooing that idea. Or maybe Duchow just won on experience, issues, and the endorsements of Tommy! Thompson and Margaret Farrow. Or it all came down to (low) turnout.

The Duchow campaign issued this statement from their candidate:

“Today, taxpayers reaffirmed the need to send an elected officials to the state legislature that knows how to deliver high value and low cost government.  I am honored to have earned the support of taxpayers throughout the 99th Assembly District and promise to punch-in as their taxpayer advocate.”

Oh yeah, residents in that district still have to show up again on September 29th in case some write-in candidate runs as a Democrat.

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