Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Every kid will want one


I received e-mail this morning from the Spring City Chronicle letting me know that when he posted a link to my column this morning the very first “hit” he got was from Mattel. A James Wigderson action figure cannot be too far behind.

Memo March 29, 2007
To: Bill Yorth, Editor
Waukesha Freeman
From: James Wigderson
Re: Action Figure

Bill, I see lots of possibilities for this. It could have a “chopping motion” like I’m cutting taxes. A kung fu grip hanging onto a dollar. Or even a companion note book and pen. Even a firepit!

Or better yet, maybe a full-sized figure with a pull-string in the back. Some suggested sayings:
· “Children should be seen and not heard.”
· “Cut taxes!”
· “Hey, there’s radium in my water!”
· “Watch out for the snow plow!”
· “Hey kids, read a newspaper!”
Or my personal favorite,
· “Defeat the evil city administrator!”

Think of the possibilities. We could have evil villains: The Mayor, The City Administrator, The School Board Gang, roving gangs of homeless politicians. We could have companion action figures (including an editor!).

Lunch boxes, Bill. Lunch boxes!

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