Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Everywhere Man


I knew that judicial write-in candidate Jeffrey Norman had dropped his recount bid, but I missed whom he had hired for his attorney in the matter, the ubiquitous Michael S. Maistelman. Maistelman began the fight for his client by complaining about the conditions under which the recount was being conducted:

“It is my understanding that the Branch 3 recount will be taking place at the City warehouse,” Maistelman wrote. “I have concerns about conducting the recount in the warehouse as the lighting is poor the environment is damp and cold and generally the facility is not furnished to accommodate the needs of many people over a long period of time for a formal hearing.

The City of Milwaukee recounts that I have been involved in have all taken place at City Hall.”

Never let it be said that Maistelman is unconcerned about those who work hard for our elections.

Forget about how much he charges per hour. I want to know how much does he charge to put a bumper sticker on his briefcase. Is there a politician in Milwaukee that hasn’t see it?

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