Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Explaining the Kolb factor in the 33rd Senate race


Yet another reason to hate yard signs. In the letters section of the Waukesha Freeman on Tuesday, Gerry and Lyn Holton wrote (in part):

…Or, we can go back to the day when candidates were handpicked by an elite few in the Waukesha Republican Party hierarchy. Qualifications: how well they are connected and how well they await their turn. Need proof? Read the return address on Dorow mailings: party headquarters on Pearl Street. Is the Waukesha County Republican Party running a campaign against a successful, conservative, incumbent Republican legislator? Vote for an independent thinker. Vote Kapenga. He listens to you and works hard for you. He puts the voters first and isn’t concerned with kissing the rings of the Republican elite.

One, any candidate that is endorsed by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and former Waukesha County GOP Chairman Don Taylor is not running against the “Waukesha Republican Party hierarchy.” Nor is any candidate endorsed by former Tommy Thompson consigliere Jim Klauser running against the Republican elite.

Two, Dorow is not getting his mail at the GOP headquarters. His campaign is being run from an office in the same strip mall. Know that old saw about real estate, “location, location, location?”

But more than that, by renting in the strip mall that was owned by the late Walter Kolb, Dorow is able to put his signs up right in front of the Republican headquarters. Contrary to popular belief, the party does not determine who gets to put their signs out front. That is determined by the landlord. Even if State Rep Chris Kapenga was officially endorsed by the Waukesha GOP (and there is no chance of that) he still can’t stick his signs in the ground in front of the GOP headquarters without the permission of the landlord, who I believe is Anita Kolb. (Somebody correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not close to the family.)

Keith Best called the Sound Off to correct the Holtons:

I am calling in to clarify misinformation written in a letter to the editor in the June 16 edition of the Waukesha Freeman. Gerry and Lyn Holton of Delafield accuse the Republican Party of Waukesha County of handpicking by an elite few a candidate in the race for the 33rd Senate District. This is a blatantly false accusation. If the Holtons would have contacted the Waukesha GOP office, they would have found out that Brian Dorow rents his own office from the strip mall owner. The Waukesha GOP believes there are excellent Republican candidates in this race to vote for on June 23, with the key word being “candidates” — plural. The county party remains neutral. The Holtons owe the Republican Party of Waukesha County an apology for spreading false information.

Unfortunately, Lyn Holton called the Sound Off to demonstrate that ignorance may not be bliss but sometimes it is invulnerable:

Mr. Keith Best’s Sound Off response to our letter “Kapenga will serve with integrity” states what we said was a “blatantly false accusation.” We asked if the Waukesha County Republican Party was involved in a campaign against a respected, successful incumbent, and whether we want to return to an elite few in Waukesha Republican Party hierarchy handpicking a candidate. Our letter was based on the return address used on Brian Dorow campaign literature.

Mr. Best did answer the question as to how that happened while we were asking why. We are not the ones who blurred the lines of division and we owe no apology.

Perception — look it up, Mr. Best. Perception is everything in politics. 1701 Pearl St. is WCRP headquarters. Whether Dorow rents a desk, a cubicle down the hall, space in the back room or the flex space next door, it is perceived as one and the same by the average voter. A Waukesha Republican Party Executive Committee member is noted as a campaign member on his literature, as well. Does she leave her influence and resources behind when she steps across the hall? Another question we have the right to ask.

Dorow’s main endorsement speaks for itself and also proves our point. To paraphrase an old movie line, of all the joints in all of Waukesha County, he has to rent one next to mine! It remains convenient for all involved.

By the way, I went through the nearby Cousins Drive-thru to order sandwiches on at least three occasions. I must be part of the conspiracy, too.

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