Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Exploiting the workers


It’s March Madness time, and college basketball teams from across the country are competing for a national championship. Many of the players have dreams of turning professional, but for most of them this is as far in their basketball career as they will get. Some will go down to injury while others will just never be good enough for the next level.

Meanwhile universities will have made millions of dollars off of them for the small cost of adding a few extra kids to classes, many of which the kids will never attend. Sportswriters, network television, cable companies, shoe companies, athletic wear companies will all make more money between now and the end of the tournament.

But hey, this is business. Big business, actually. And those kids, most of them, will end up with a college diploma and lots of memories when they’re done, even if they are forbidden from seeking any of that college basketball money for themselves. They don’t need the money for a possible endorsement deal or even a free pair of shoes. This is about amateur athletics, not pro athletics, and amateur athletics is big business, so let’s not screw it up.

Of course, if we’re not going to let the star employees in on the cash, are we really going to let the people who make the basketball uniforms make any money?

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