Monday, August 19th, 2019

Feingold’s priorities


Suddenly Senator Russ Feingold has found out that there is wasteful spending in Washington D.C. He is shocked, shocked I tell you, to find out the federal government wastes money. It’s a blatant attempt by Feingold to steal a page out of the late William Proxmire’s playbook.

When the town whore suddenly gets religion, perhaps someone should be keeping an eye on the collection plate. Feingold has been known to vote for a little spending himself.

Feingold’s first examples of wasteful spending are Radio and TV Marti which broadcast out of Florida to the island prison of Cuba. We’re told that the broadcasts are simultaneously ineffective because of jamming and harmful to improved relations with Cuba. That we even desire better relations with Cuba should be a matter of some debate, but are jammed broadcasts even an obstacle?

Instead of appeasing the Cuban Communists, it would be better instead to tie any improvement in relations with Cuba to their ending the jamming of those broadcasts, as well as freeing Castro’s political prisoners and allowing freedom on the island.

But it’s nice that Feingold wants to make nice with Communist dictatorships. They don’t believe in free speech prior to elections, either.

The cost of Radio and TV Marti is $300 million, or over a third less than what the City of Milwaukee alone is requesting in Federal Stimulus Plan dollars, a $797 billion stimulus plan that Feingold voted for. I say we keep Radio and TV Marti and dump Feingold. We’ll come out billions and possibly trillions of dollars ahead.

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