Friday, July 19th, 2019

Final campaign finance update in the 97th before August 12th


Coming into the final week of the campaign in the 97th Assembly district, the Allen campaign and the Rosner campaign are nearly even in cash on hand. Kathleen Cummings’s campaign got a sudden boost, but still is third behind the leaders.

Scott Allen raised $8,600 this period, bringing the campaign total to $25,970.98. Of the $8,600, Allen loaned his campaign an additional $2000, bringing the campaign total to $5,500. Allen has $10,496.58 on hand. The report is online.

Among the interesting contributors to his campaign is Scott Allen, for another $200 for a $3,500 total in addition to the loans. He also received a check from former Congressman Mark Neumann for $250.

Former State Rep Scott Newcomer gave Allen $250. You may recall Newcomer left the legislature after his personal life spilled into the headlines.

The owner of La Estacion, Tony Marquez, also gave Scott Allen $200 so far. Which begs the question, when is Allen holding a fundraiser there? Best brunch in Waukesha and a great place to have Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile. Brandon Rosner raised another $6,810.00 this period for a total of $49,045.14. He has $10,649.87 left on hand. The report is online.

He received an interesting contribution from the WI State Council of Carpenters, who contributes more to Democrats than Republicans. He also received $500 from the Wisconsin Hospitals PAC. The Wisconsin Hospital Association was not a supporter of Governor Scott Walker’s health care plan.

As I commented elsewhere, Kathleen Cummings gave her campaign a boost with a $10,000 loan. She has $3,323.27 in cash on hand. The report is online.

Alderman Aaron Perry‘s report is not online and does not have the year to date totals. I have posted it here (Excel). He raised $2,761.08 and has $1,299.28 on hand. I don’t see anything in his campaign finance report that indicates direct mail.

Former town of Waukesha Supervisor Joe Banske is running his campaign out of pocket. The report is online. He received one donation for $25. Banske spent $228.43 on t-shirts, candy, and parade expenses. He also spent $48.01 on plastic door hanger bags. The problem with the bags is nobody opens them. They just get tossed in the trash. Far better to use rubber bands when doing lit drops. Oh, Banske has $76.69 on hand.

Vince Trovato’s campaign finance report is not available yet.

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