Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Fiscally responsible state of the state


Governor Doyle, during the “Fiscal Responsibility” portion:

We must always stay true to a basic Wisconsin value: living within our means. In the 1990’s, state government created a huge financial mess for us. It was a ticking time bomb of runaway commitments and excessive spending that exploded four years ago, and we are still cleaning up the wreckage.

We’ve cut the size and cost of government, eliminated overhead, balanced two straight budgets, and cut the so-called structural deficit in half. Yet we still have more work to do, or we’ll face a growing imbalance between what we spend and what we take in. In my budget, we’ll make some tough choices, and take the next steps to put our state on a permanent path of fiscal responsibility.

Somebody wake up Seth Zlotocha! There’s a deficit after all, and it’s only been shrunk by half!

In the next paragraph, Doyle lists some “steps to fiscal responsibility”:

But two priorities stand out above the rest: first, making quality health care affordable to all, and second, preparing our kids for the jobs of tomorrow.

How is he going to pay for all of this?

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